Thank-you for your interest in my Cooking Workshops & Events.

I have been sharing my passion and knowledge for cooking and eating well for over 14 year. My favourite ingredients are those already found in the pantry and easy to obtain and I am huge supporter of local producers and love eating with the seasons (either from our large vegetable garden, or produce from the local farmers’ markets). My food focus is on flavoursome recipes using ingredients that are packed with nutrients drawing on my knowledge as a trained chef and dip. of natural nutrition. I have also studied a certificate in adult education, which I find invaluable for sharing my experience in the best possible way.

I live in Nelson, New Zealand with my husband and two young children (5 & 7 years) on a 1/4 acre urban property where we grow vegetables, care for our 35 (and counting) fruiting trees and plants, and keep happy free-range chooks. When I am not cooking or spending time with my family, I work as a freelance food writer, stylist and photographing for magazines, publications and food companies. I am the author of 4 cookbooks including the popular Feeding Little Tummies (now out of print) with my fourth cookbook Homegrown Kitchen – Everyday Recipes For Eating Well released April 2017. You can find more of my recipes on my award-winning food blog Homegrown Kitchen.

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